We live in an age of instant access to the world and with that the world has become smaller.

We use the World Wide Web to access everything from Social media, paying accounts to online banking. It has given us the ability to see what is happening on the other side of the world as it happens, but sometimes I feel that this hasn’t been without the loss of our sense of Community.

We are so preoccupied with what’s happening somewhere else in the world or interstate that we have forgotten what’s happening right here in our own back yard. Over the coming months I would like to share with you, issues that resinate locally and share the things that can make a difference, and help out our immediate community.

I was born in Victor Harbor and am proud of our area but influences will always creep into our way of life which will be of benefit to the community and some, not so much. Primarily I want to concentrate on security issues and local events and how we can combat these to best protect our assets and our personal well being.

Crime and its affect within our community have a huge impact on our quality of life. The stress that it creates can be life changing and that’s not why we live here. You and your Family’s future depend on being prepared.

By following and establishing a simple set of rules in your household and business, you may have a material loss but you can help prevent a tragic loss. As the months go by we will cover and talk about ways to best protect you when it comes to personal security and products that are available to you.

Rule Number 1.
Lock it up. This one doesn’t cost a thing.