It feels like it was only five minutes ago since we had Christmas and here we are almost midyear. With winter fast approaching its time for a few jobs which need to be done every year.

Firstly and very importantly, have you changed the batteries in the smoke detectors and have you checked that they are still in service? Smoke alarms must be replaced every ten years regardless of their state. Batteries should be changed every year, usually at the end of daylight savings. Smoke alarms will save your life and that of your family in the event of a fire.

This goes hand in hand with yearly servicing of your security system if you have one installed. I know these are just other things that have to be done, however when and if you need these devices to work you must ensure that they are checked and maintained regularly.

I have also been contacted a few times this month about scams. There are always going to be people out there trying to steal from you. If you receive a call with someone asking if you can hear them or similar, “DONT RESPOND” just hang up. What these criminals are trying to do is get you saying “YES” Once they have you saying “YES” they can record your voice and use it to open bank accounts etc using voice recognition. It’s an extremely devious way of committing crime however they don’t care they just want your cash or the ability to open accounts in your name.

Being prepared and alert is key. I still see people every day openly using their pin number and not covering the key pad to avoid others seeing the code. Thousands of people are scammed every day; don’t be one of them. The emotional stress can be enormous and I always dislike seeing good people being taken advantage of.

If you have any questions or concerns about home security please leave a comment below. I want to respond to the issues that concern people living here on the south coast and ensure you are receiving the right advice. Rule #2: Large amounts of cash or valuables should not be left in your home or business. Follow Police guidelines for cash kept on premises.