I hear it all the time, “Why do I need Security, I have insurance.” The answer is simple. Electronic security and the costs associated with it are still the cheapest way of protecting the assets you have worked hard to acquire throughout your life.

Insurance is a very important part of asset protection but knowing someone is in your home or business and limiting the time an offender has on site will give you piece of mind and assure the loss is minimal.

You can’t stop someone from breaking in, but they simply don’t have the time to go from room to room going through every draw and cupboard especially if Security Patrols are in route and if multiple activations Police are advised as well.

Most Insurance companies will give you good discounts if you have a monitored security system and if they don’t, shop around. Security systems nowadays are extremely easy to use and if your away from the home to go shopping or for that yearly vacation it’s like having a set of eyes watching over the possessions which is extremely comforting.

Security systems are designed specifically for each application and to cater for each client’s individual needs.

However there are some questions that you should consider about your security provider.

  • Is your security provider local? -No point if they live over the hill or interstate.
  • Are all the services that they provide kept in house? Are they directly employed by the provider or do they outsource to other companies?
  • Are the Patrols they use their own or again, another company?
  • Are the products they use of high quality or cheap and prone to false alarming?

The difference between an excellent quality end of line device and a cheap one is usually about $30.00 depending on the device. Keep in mind that big companies make their profits from callouts.

“Cheap” when it comes to security and asset protection is not the answer.

Spend that little bit more and get a system that is stable and works year in and year out, year after year. Make sure that your security provider is local so if there is a problem they are quick to respond to the problem and it can be rectified quickly and if in warranty usually with no charge for the call. These costs can be substantial if the company has to come from a distance.

Get good advice from a qualified security installer and ensure they are licensed. Ask if you can get a written quote along with a complete security assessment of the home or business. It goes without saying, some people are in business for the money only and some of us love where we live and enjoy the work and the help we can give to others.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and get a provider that you can talk to. It makes a huge difference when you are both on the same page. If you have any questions about security, security devices or security services we would love to hear from you!