With another busy month behind us and the cold weather is getting through to the bones this time of year.

We have noticed an increase in break and enter across the coast recently. Just last week I raced to an alarm, from activation to patrols on site, was rapid to say the least. The client had indeed had an offender breach a side window to the house, climbed in and triggered an instant zone alarm. Fortunately, the offender left empty handed. The client sustained some damage to the window and screens but didn’t sustain a large material loss. It was a perfect result from a bad situation.

The client was over the moon as the home had many family heirlooms. Being local means we can be there quickly along with Police when the need arises. The security intruder system worked within its programmed parameters and reported wirelessly back to our base. These are the times that the monitoring of your home and business are so important along with CCTV application if needed.

For the sake of a few dollars per week, monitoring your security with the right company can be the best decision you will ever make when it comes to personal safety and asset protection. Every year around this time we see an increase in break and enters. I see many people who are totally unprepared for the stress that this can have on them. Take some time and make the call to a trusted local security provider and take the necessary steps to protect and secure your largest asset.

The introduction of the NBN has not been without its teething problems for many of our customers and I’m sure many of our readers as well. If you have a monitored alarm system there are solutions for you that are extremely cost effective and can save you big dollars over time. It is an issue which needs a face to face and an educated chat, so give your provider a call or us and we can help you with that along with any questions about how the NBN will affect you and your services.